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Vividya offers quality education and coaching for all Competitive Examinations and unique solutions to education through technology and innovation.


Integrated, Long term and Short Term courses for NEET, JEE & Foundation


Experienced and Top Faculty as mentors to coach JEE & NEET aspirants


State of the art classrooms; Comprehensive Study Material.


Solid Academics at Vividya, Combining traditional lectures and tutoring with AI based academic analysis and reporting.


Time table, Attendance, Study materials with Chapter tests and Performance reports available online for Parents, Students & Teachers


NEET | JEE Main & Advanced, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads Foundation for VIII, IX & X


Motivation & Information sharing with students to let them choose career of their choice


1 year program with rigorous coaching & training.  Focused on creating achievers and Rankers.


One year coaching & training by IITians and NITians as Subject experts. Focused on securing seats in IITs & NITs.


Integrated learning approach at PU College where Science & Mathematics is taught by IITians, NITians & Doctors in college hours.


Integrated and non-integrated approach to build critical thinking & problem solving abilities at early age.


Online courses by IITians, NITians & Doctors to choose from. Live Lectures, Assignments & online tests.


To absorb the pressure from students and prepare them thoroughly for SSLC/CBSE/ICSE and PU Board Examinations.


Mr. Gaurav Kumar Jha

He has done his B. Tech in Engineering Physics from IIT Delhi. He is passionate about Physics and loves teaching the subject in the same spirit. He has eleven years of teaching experience in which he has excelled in coaching students to optimize their zeal of learning and improve their skill sets that help students to achieve top ranks in JEE Main and Advanced, NEET, AIIMS. He believes in making learning Physics fun and interesting through experiential learning methods and citing real life examples. He has worked in various premier institutes and Lakshya. During his tenure, he had been holding key positions in the organization including Head of Department of Physics at Lakshya (Mumbai). He is a passionate Table Tennis player and listens to many genres of music. He is one of the founding members of Vividya.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Reddy

Dr. Praveen Kumar Reddy completed his B.Sc. (Microbiology, Botany and Chemistry) from Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupathi and M.Sc. (Mircrobiology) from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuram. After completing his Masters, he did his M. Phil from the same university. Dr. Reddy received his doctorate in the field of Biofuels- Cellulase Enzyme Production from Fungal Organisms for Cellulosic Alcohol Production under the supervision of renowned professor B. Rajashekar Reddy. During his post doctoral research, he was involved in the Lignocellulose Biotechnology with special emphasis on Cellulase enzyme production, Strain improvement of Aspergillus Niger for the commercial production of cellulose. During his research experience he did the genome sequencing of two fungal organisms Pestalotiopsis microspora TKBRR & Cladosporium sp. And submitted the same to National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Maryland, USA, with NCBI Bankit Accession numbers KR152315 and KR152316. His research findings were published in various journals of international and national repute. Dr. Reddy has chosen the teaching career as he possesses an open sense of passion towards academics. He has twenty years of experience in teaching biology at various levels. He is well versed in teaching biology for medical entrance competitive exams such as NEET and AIIMS and has helped several students to achieve good scores in competitive exams. He is an avid reader and keeps himself up-to-date in his field of study. He is one of the founding members of Vividya.

Mr. Sinan Zakariyya

He holds a B. Tech from NITK and M. Tech. from Manipal in Chemical Engineering. His passion for teaching brought him to the field of teaching and guiding young minds. He has been teaching for the last seven years and is one of the founding members of Vividya. He makes his classes fun and interactive while sharing the tricks and trades on how to remember various concepts and formulae. His Chemistry class is full of real life examples, so that students can understand the concepts better. He is a regular badminton player and loves various sports and games. He is quite active in planning and executing Career Guidance Seminars conducted by Vividya.

Dr. Girinath Rajoji

He is a Ph. D. in Biology and has been in the field of teaching for the last eight years. He has been associated with Vividya for the last two years. He makes his classes quite interactive and lively by adopting innovative teaching methodology and citing a lot of real life examples. He is an avid reader and keeps himself updated on the subjects he loves. He has a good collection of e-books pertaining to his subject as well as others.

Mr. Mohsin

He holds a B. Tech from NITK and M. Tech. from Manipal in Chemical Engineering. He is passionate about teaching and has been training NEET and JEE students for the past three years. His passion for teaching brought him to the field of education from the industry. He has a student centric approach which has made him quite popular among the students. He is quite active as a subject resource person for all the career Guidance Seminars conducted by Vividya, wherein he trains students in Vedic Maths which could help them in their studies. He believes in making learning chemistry fun and interesting through experiential learning methods and by citing real life examples.

Mr. Avinash Kumar

He is a B. Tech. and M. Tech. in Physics. He has been associated with Vividya for the last two years. He teaches physics to NEET/JEE/Foundation level students. He is quite thorough in his knowledge of the subject and involves students fully and makes the class interactive and interesting.

Mr. Tushar Shinde

He is an M. Sc. in Mathematics. He has been in the profession of Teaching for the last three years and has been part of Team Vividya for the two years. He teaches Mathematics at JEE/Foundation level. Starting with the reason for studying a particular concept/chapter and the impact it might have in our lives, he teaches with the help of real life examples. He is passionate about photography and loves cricket.